Manufacturer Specific

Note: This list of potential suppliers of goods and services is offered as a reference only – no endorsement is implied or intended, and no liability is accepted.  The potential consumer of any of these goods and services is solely responsible and accountable for doing their own due diligence.





  • Zedder Enterprises– cross reference databases for motorcycle parts
  • Consolidated Motor Spares NL – Dutch company supplying NOS parts and that also offers on-line parts fiches
  • PartsNMore – Quality may not be the best, but good prices, fast shipping and a reasonable selection for the more common items
  • – Montreal based general parts supplier.  Vintage and modern.  Fast, generally free shipping of quality parts and tools
  • Gibson Exhausts – not cheap, but they have a selection of 2 stroke pipes available
  • Jemco Exhaust in Houston – a source for GT750 exhausts
  • Paul Miller in the USA for NOS Suzuki parts
  • Classic Suzuki Parts NL Marcel’s site for NOS and reproduction Suzuki parts
  • Classic Honda Restoration excellent source of parts and advice for Honda CA72, CA77, CB72, CB77 and CL72, CL77
  • MikesXS for all things Yamaha XS/TX650 twin and hard to find parts of use in other Japanese brands
  • GTReiner in Germany for Suzuki GT750 parts
  • Oregon Motorcycle Parts for new, reasonably priced solid state voltage regulators and new rectifier replacements
  • Suzuki T/GT Resource Site  reference material, service bulletins,manuals etc.
  • Allan Tucker  for Suzuki gauge restorations
  • PowerSportsPro – parts lists and fiches offered on line are useful, and prices are generally better than from Canadian dealers
  • Rotary Recycle – parts, support and service for Suzuki RE5 and Sachs/DKW Hercules W2000