1980 CM 400 for sale

Good afternoon. Ken Burton here.

I am wondering if any of your club members would be interested in having a 1980 CM 400 honda motorcycle  to restore and possibly ride…

A few years ago, I happened upon this bike and thought what a fun little project to pass the winter away. I paid $300.00 and have thoroughly enjoyed working on it, but I have lost interest in it.

It’s a complete bike, and I have unstuck the motor and had it running on prime. The electric start works as well as all the lights I removed the flat black paint from the fenders and they are back to gleaming chrome. The chain and sprockets appear to be good. The gas tank is undamaged and sports flat black paint. I have cleaned up the headers, and painted foot pegs. The mufflers were rotted out and disposed of. I have the key and a bill of sale.

The only real money that I have spent on this bike is $200.00 on a new back tire, installed at G W Cycle….

I would like to recoup the price of the back tire, but that is all.

If there is any interest by any of your club members, I can be E-mailed at,  ducks2@shaw.ca