MotoGiro wrap-up for 2021

The MotoGiro for 2021 was as successful as ever. Here’s a wrap-up note from the organizer, Jim Kelsall

"I would like to thank all our 2021 volunteers and riders for a safe and successful Motogiro 2021. We were blessed with far better weather than was forecast, only 1-1/2 hrs of rain on Saturday and effectively none and a damp to drying to dry course for Sunday!
Robert Smith and Chris Steadman have kindly provided their photographs from the event. They can be found at Motogiro 2021 Photographs and Videos (If you look carefully, you might find a hill climb video or two…)
If you have photos and / or videos of this year’s event (or others), please upload them to our Photo Drop location at Giro Photo Drop
MARK YOUR CALENDARS! 🙂 We have every intention of reconvening for a Rocky Mountain Motogiro 2022 on the weekend of 9th/10th/11th September (one week earlier to optimize for traffic, lodging availability versus weather).
Again, I would like to thank our numerous volunteers, without you, it wouldn’t be possible to hold the event. Interestingly, obtaining sufficient volunteers was not an issue this year BUT we dearly need more riders to make the event pay for itself (thanks to the generosity of a couple of participants and the Rocky Mountain Section of the CVMG to the tune of $713 total), we balanced the 2021 budget), so if you are a potential participant, please dust off those winter projects and past participants, we hope you can join us in 2021.
The 2022 rules and regs will be published in November. Due to the low turnout in the 125 cc class, I am currently considering the change of the 125 cc class to a 175 cc class and expansion of years for that class only (for a limited number of years with grandfathering thereafter) to be able to entice new participants with more affordable entries. The smaller capacity than class bikes would have a time advantage (as per the current rules). As a reminder, the current rules are set to try and limit speeds on the hill and all with the allure of riding small, old and interesting motorcycles in the spirit of the original Italian Motogiro events.
Thank you all! We look forward to seeing you and some amazing new bikes in 2022.
Jim Kelsall"

Note from the Club. Jim, all members appreciate your efforts with the Motogiro and celebrate another successful event with you.